It was so lovely to hear you talk at the (Good Life Experience) festival. Very inspiring! I could really relate on a lot of levels ... So thank you for sharing.
— @poppy_elm

James Greenwood is a practising veterinary surgeon living and working in Bristol.  Originally from Yorkshire, James’ family has been farming the Penines for generations.  Although his parents chose to leave farming, James inherited the family trait and devoted himself to a life spent in the company of animals.

Since graduating from Bristol University in 2007, James has enjoyed a successful career working with most companion animal species ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and even a baby elephant!  

Throughout James’ life, he has shared his passion for science with his passion for art.  Although taught originally to paint, James’ creativity has developed into a deep love for ceramics.  He was invited to compete on the first series of BBC2’s 'The Great Pottery Throwdown' where he showcased his ceramic skills to the nation and earned popularity.

James has gone on to appear in further television work including the hit CBBC children's television series 'The Pets Factor'.  He has developed his own ceramics business, writes for various platforms and delivers talks on how his passion for science and art have influenced his life.