The secret is out…..


It feels like years since I first applied but as it is now common knowledge, I can share that I was lucky enough to be chosen as a contestant in the current Great Pottery Throw Down hosted by Sara Cox and judged by Keith Brymer-Jones and Kate Malone.  What an incredible experience…..

The British seaside has always played a hugely influential role in my life.  As children we would always holiday each year on The North Yorkshire coast around Whitby and Filey.

Picking fresh crab was an almost daily ritual as was collecting the fresh bread from Sally's Farmshop.  Now this farmshop was something else! We're talking mud-covered farm fresh veg and eggs-a-plenty with feathers (and worse!) still stuck to them! None of the pristine, gingham lined, distressed wicker baskets you see today overflowing with beautifully manicured vegetables that seem to look at you and say 'don't touch me, you can't afford me'……(It's not a good sign when you think pak choi is giving you attitude!!)

If we weren't in Whitby, we were on Herm. A small island in the Channel Islands with a tiny population and no cars!! It was beach games, barbecues and fishing!

I then moved to Jersey after qualifying as a vet and again spent all spare time by the beach (and bars!). Jersey is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys good food - seriously, check out the indoor market in St Helier and you will see for yourself!  The Channel Islands at large hold a very special place in my heart.


So …. I guess it makes sense that a lot of my work is often reminiscent of the blues, whites and textures often associated with our coastline.  One day I would love to have my own range….but for now it's one off pieces and variable results!!!!